Sex workers use NZPC to connect with each other and find support.

NZPC is a non-profit organisation run by sex workers, supporting the rights, health and well-being of all Sex Industry Workers. We are the only national, sex worker-run organisation in New Zealand.

Starting sex work can feel like a gigantic leap into the unknown. You might have seen an ad promising “$$$! No training required” in your newspaper, or an online ad recruiting escorts.

It is important for you to contact us to get independent information about working safely in the sex industry.

We are a free service. Our aim is to uphold your rights and give you practical tips, as well as safer sex products like condoms and lube, to suit every situation occurring in your sex work.

We also have information about setting up your own business. This includes information about tax, brothel operators certificates, city council bylaws and Ministry of Health signs.

Sex workers kits

NZPC provides tailor-made kits to sex workers. All sex workers will find them useful, whether or not you are new, or not-so-new, to sex work. They contain free condoms, lube, sponges, dental dams, latex gloves, as well as essential reading

  • Stepping Forward, NZPC’s classic guide for female sex workers
  • Doing it in Style, the transgender sex workers’ guide
  • Working in New Zealand, NZPC’s guide for Chinese sex workers.
  • PUMP, our guide for male sex workers.

Our guides have the lowdown on starting out, or continuing, as a sex worker. Each guide is packed with tips to work safely and smartly as a sex worker: From handling clients, to working with management, resolving disputes and staying within the law. Collect your kit from any of NZPC’s community bases.

Sexual Health Clinics at NZPC

NZPC’s Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch community bases also have clinics which provide free sexual health checkups to sex workers. These are great services for sex workers – they are focused on your needs.


We take confidentiality seriously, so you don’t have to give us your name or an ID.

There is no joining; you already belong if you are a sex worker.